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Emmelie interviewed by Vanessa Mc Call

Talking about home renovation's, studying  psychology & wedding preparations. 

The ethos behind Iridescent Sea is one of relaxed, classy beach style with a touch of luxury. It’s no wonder then that our beautiful model, Emmelie, displays all that and more.
If you follow our socials, you would have seen Emmelie looking effortlessly stunning in whatever she wore for our photo shoots. There is so much to this intelligent young woman, including her recent engagement, subsequent wedding planning and house renovating. To top it all off, Emmelie is weeks away from completing her Honours degree in Psychology. That is an awful lot of achievement for someone who is only 27 years old! We sat down with Emmelie to talk about some of the most important events and people in her life so far.
When and why did you start modelling?
I started modelling at age 15 after a friend of a friend (who was a stylist) got in touch via Facebook. She organised my first ever shoot and the rest just flowed from there!
How long have you been modelling for Iridescent Sea?
Almost a year! I feel very lucky to live around the corner from Robin's (owner of Iridescent Sea) beautiful store in South Fremantle.
What drew you to psychology? 
I have always felt drawn to working with people, especially in a support-focused role. I find every aspect of learning about psychology so fascinating - from how we as humans make sense of and perceive the world, to how we think and feel, to the brain and what happens when the brain isn't functioning as it should. I love it all, and I think part of that is because what I have been learning is fundamentally relevant just by being human.
When do you finish your degree and what are your future work aspirations?
I will graduate with Psychology Honours this year (in a few weeks - hurray!). I have a little more study to come - my ultimate goal is to be a Clinical Psychologist, which means a couple more years of specialised training. In the future, I hope to be working with children and young people.
Congratulations on your recent engagement! Big or small wedding? Have you made any plans as yet? 
Thank you, it is very exciting! Marco and I both have big families, so our guest list is on the larger side at the moment... We've been having regular wedding planning dates since we got engaged - either in the garden with a wine, or at the pub. Early on, most of our planning dates just involved scrolling through Pinterest, but we recently recruited our wonderful friend, Jade, as our wedding planner. We also currently have a date, venue, photographer, MC, and lots of ideas!
You are also renovating your cottage in South Fremantle. Can you tell us a little more?
Yes! We have been renovating our home since October last year. It is a little Heritage-listed limestone cottage, but at some stage in the 70's the floors were filled with sand, concrete and slate. Apparently this was common at the time, but it trapped moisture underneath and led to nasty rising damp in the walls. We took the slate out and replaced it with recycled baltic pine boards. Marco and I did as much as we could ourselves, but we've also been very lucky to have my stepdad, Brad, and his brother helping and guiding us. They have both long worked in restoring heritage houses in Fremantle and they are brilliant at what they do. We are inspired by other similar houses in Freo, especially my mum's house. We have finished everything we originally planned on doing, but keep finding more to do! Our next project is the garden.
WA has been relatively spared from the extended lockdowns other states have endured, however we have been affected at times - how did you cope with COVID restrictions when we had them?
It is a very surreal feeling knowing that most of the world has been experiencing these long, isolating lockdowns, and while I can only imagine how difficult that might be, I don't really know what it's like. We have certainly been very lucky in WA in that respect. The snap lockdowns and restrictions that we did have tended to coincide with my University assignment deadlines, so it didn't affect my day to day too much - maybe some more walks than usual, and a couple of Zoom quiz nights!
When travel is back on the radar for West Aussies, where would you like to visit first and why?
I'd love to go back to Europe. Marco and I had a Europe trip planned in 2020, which we cancelled as COVID-19 hit. We will probably re-attempt that itinerary, once the world returns to normal again. I'd also love to visit my Dutch family in The Netherlands.
When you're not studying, modelling, planning a wedding and renovating (!!) what are some of your favourite pastimes?
In my spare time you will find me at yoga, with family or friends, or somewhere in nature - most likely at the beach!
What is your favourite piece(s) from Iridescent Sea?
The Lilia silk skirt (back in stock soon) designed by Iridescent Sea’s own label HOTEL. I wear it all the time and I just looooove it! I also love the HOTEL Fonda Dress in Lilac from the latest collection - such a great cut and colour.
What are three things in your life you can't do without?
Marco, my sisters, the ocean.
Thank you Emmelie! You have the world at your feet and we can’t wait to see where life takes you next!



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