LACAUSA ..more than just beautiful clothes.

It’s Fashion Revolution Week and what better time to introduce you to one of our beautiful labels, Lacausa, which has long been running it’s own revolution of sustainability and ethical production.

Founded in 2013 by Rebecca Grennel and hailing from Los Angeles in California, Lacausa is more than just a designer of beautiful clothing. 
The brand name “Lacausa” is cleverly made up of the abbreviations for Los Angeles, California, and the United States of America. 
The successful fashion label supports the local community by keeping its production in LA. It also sources and sews its fabrics with trusted partners and in its LA factory with the highest standards in mind.
The label is dedicated to the sustainable and ethical production of its pieces, and to supporting a diverse range of environmental, human and civil rights projects. Given this commitment, it is somewhat serendipitous then that Lacausa in spanish translates to “The Cause”.
Lacausa partners with different organizations and charities throughout the year to create awareness, voice its support, and donate in hopes of providing resources for causes dear to its heart. That’s what we call walking the talk.
We have a range of beautiful new Lacausa pieces online and in store. With the label’s dedication to sustainability, you know you are buying a beautiful product that you can feel good in, both inside and out.

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