Q. People often talk about Parisian style: do you think there is such a thing? 

Annabelle: For me, style means something different for different people, and I love people who have another perspective on it than me. It’s more interesting to see how people express themselves through their clothes, rather than imposing rules and dogmas from above.

Q.How do you choose your clothes? 

Annabelle: I think it’s important to wear natural and pure materials. It’s more delicate and better for the planet. A pair of jeans and a cotton T-shirt, a cashmere jumper during winter… And like with materials, I like neutral and comfortable colours. I’m both Californian and Parisian, and my style is a cool and elegant mix of both.

Q. So caring for the environment is important for you? 

Annabelle: Absolutely. Washing synthetic clothes in the washing machine sends chemical particles into the water, and then into the soil. These microplastics are playing a very significant role in coastal pollution around the world. Not many people realise that.

Q. Paris, Los Angeles…Travelling must be a lifestyle for you? 

Annabelle: I travel for leisure and for work, and I don’t get tired of it. I complain about having to pack, but I’m always happy to start a new adventure once I’ve arrived.

Q. What’s your American Vintage key look this season? 

Annabelle: I love the thalasso-coloured “Manina” cardigan! I love this piece so much that I would like to have one in each colour. The cut is chic yet laid-back, with wide sleeves but adjusted at the waist and yet very feminine.

Q. Where do you hang out in Paris? 

Annabelle: Near where I live in the 3rd arrondissement, but also in the 9th, 10th and 11th arrondissements, my favourite parts of Paris. I’m often away from the city, but when I’m there, I go walking around with my dog and enjoy meeting friends for coffee.

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