The Extraordinary Face Behind The Beautiful Store

When I tell people I work at Iridescent Sea Beach House, their response is always the same..” l love that shop!”. And for good reason.
Walking into the resort-luxe clothing and accessories store owned by Robin Egerton-Warburton, you are instantly transported to white sandy beaches. You can almost smell the salty air and feel the sea breeze blowing through your hair. Walking inside you instantly feel like you’re on holidays.. think shell pendant lights, shiny pearl inlay furniture, pineapples and palm trees. Then of course there’s the clothes... the swimsuits.... the shoes.. the hats... the jewellery... I could go on...
Robin first opened Iridescent Sea in 2007 in East Fremantle. It was one of Perth’s first one-stop holiday shops, renowned for stocking beautiful luxe resort-style labels you wouldn’t see anywhere else or on everyone else.
The store has since moved to Glyde Street in Mosman Park and Robin has brought all the beachy vibe goodness along with her in to the new space.
Her natural affinity with the ocean has spilled over into her exquisite styling for the store. Robin has such a great eye for interiors, going so far as designing the curtains for the changerooms and the clothes racks for the store.

This talented woman is a natural beauty - a bonafide beach goddess!  Introducing, Robin Egerton-Warburton.
🐚 Iridescent Sea was Perth’s first one-stop holiday shop. How did you arrive at the idea?
There wasn’t somewhere sophisticated you could go in Perth for swim and resort wear . We seemed to have surf stores - but there is a large portion of people in Perth who are not surfers ! 
We also have a large population of travellers as well . Family going back to Europe to spend with family and friends or just going on a holiday to escape the winter. So we would have your wardrobe sorted for you from comfortable lightweight Chinos and sneakers or a summer dress for walking around Positano  to a bikini, hat and kaftan ready for a dip in the ocean !
🐚 You are the exclusive stockist of labels from all around the world. How do you decide which labels you want in your store?
We do and tend to change our labels regularly and get new ones in that are relative to what’s happening in current fashion.
I also look for labels that are fantastic for travel and comfort but retain a cool stylish edge. We are constantly on the search ....
🐚 The number of online retail stores has increased dramatically since you first opened in 2007. Iridescent Sea is also online but your bricks and mortar store still attracts so many walk-in  customers?  Why do you think that is?
I know myself I don’t want to wait a week or more for my goods to turn up!  I like the instant gratification of walking into a store and trying it on and purchasing. Job done.Creating a whole look in the one place than online there is lot less margin for error. And If you want to return the item we are just around the corner! No need  for repackaging  the item and going to the post office - such a pain !
🐚 You are mama to three children, who would have been very young when you first opened the store more than ten years ago. How did you find the balance between owning your own business and being a parent or are you still looking for that..??!!
I opened the store when my youngest was at kindergarten - which was directly across the road ! It was so fantastic and the community was really beautiful with lots of young families.My store had a beautiful Terrace house down the side of store so we put a sofa , TV and play station there  We had kids come and go all around us - even the occasional pet dog ! It was the charm of the relaxed vibe we had in our community. People still talk about that store !
🐚 Describe your customers.
Our customers are sophisticated women who are after comfort and style. Also something a bit different. We search for hard to find pieces that excite them . We only stock a few pieces of each item so we know there is a level of exclusivity for our  customers.
🐚 Where is your favourite holiday destination and why? 
I could say Europe - but really you can’t beat Rottnest. Turquoise water , white sand and NO cars ! I love riding my bike so I am in heaven there. Bikini, kaftan, beach , swim and bike . It’s Heaven right on our doorstep.
🐚 You have to travel far and wide as owner of Iridescent Sea. What are some of the items you would never leave home without?
Bikini , cashmere poncho, organic rosehip oil , Iridescent Sea Hat.
Iridescent Sea is open Monday to Saturday 10 - 5pm. Also find the online store at . Check out our instagram and facebook.

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